DNA/RNA Sequencing

At AtheneBio offer Nanopore sequencing of DNA and RNA samples.

Amplicon Sequencing:

Targeted sequencing of specific genomic regions, enabling precise analysis of genetic variants and mutations.

De Novo Genome Sequencing and Assembly:

Generation of high-quality genome sequences from scratch, without the need for reference genomes, to uncover novel insights into genetic structures.

Variation Detection:

Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions, deletions, and structural variants in genomic data, crucial for understanding genetic diversity and disease mechanisms.

High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction:

Extraction of long DNA strands, vital for comprehensive genome assembly and accurate variant detection.

Metagenomic Profiling:

 Analysis of microbial communities from environmental, clinical, or agricultural samples, providing insights into biodiversity, functional genomics, and microbial interactions.

Low Input Sequencing:

Specialized techniques that require minimal DNA or RNA input, enabling sequencing from scarce or precious samples.

Full-Length Transcriptome Sequencing:

Comprehensive analysis of the entire transcriptome, offering insights into gene expression, splicing variants, and post-transcriptional modifications.

Direct RNA Sequencing:

Direct sequencing of RNA molecules, bypassing the need for reverse transcription, to study RNA viruses, transcriptomes, and epitranscriptomic modifications in their native forms.

Molecular Diagnostic of Pathogens:

Rapid and accurate identification of pathogens in human, animal, and plant samples, essential for disease management and epidemiological studies.